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In recent years, Baltimore County communities have been inundated by growing levels of dangerous speeding in residential areas. County law enforcement must prioritize 911 calls and investigative work over speeding enforcement. As a result, the available County staff and tools remaining for speed enforcement are drastically insufficient and have failed to prevent harm and negative impacts to our communities, not just to our public safety but our quality of life and to our property values.  

Speed Safety Cameras
Surprisingly, Baltimore County lacks approval for basic residential automated speed enforcement which is a simple and effective tool to catch speeders. Speed Safety Cameras are being used successfully throughout Maryland's largest counties and been shown to be highly effective at reducing speeding.  Cameras eliminate the “Gotcha” scenario since fines are only issued when vehicle speeds exceed 12 m.p.h. over posted limits.  Lastly, they are promoted as an invaluable enforcement tool by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation Safe Systems program, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and other leading organizations.

Authorization for Speed Safety Cameras in Baltimore County
By law, no community in Baltimore County can consider having Speed Safety Cameras until our State Delegates and Senators pass a Bill to Authorize the county to use them. Here's the history of Speed Safety Camera Authorization in Maryland Counties:


  • In 2005: Montgomery County State Delegates and Senators passed the authorization they needed to allow speed safety cameras in their residential areas.  

  • In 2021: Prince George's County State Delegates and Senators passed the authorization they needed to allow speed safety cameras in their residential areas.  

  • In the last 2023 legislative session: Anne Arundel County State Delegates and Senators successfully passed the authorizations they needed to allow speed safety cameras in their residential areas.  

  • In the last 2023 legislative session: Unlike Anne Arundel County which successfully passed their authorization, our Baltimore County State Delegates tried but did not pass authorization. We came within 1 vote of passing the authorization we need!

Our Coalition & Our Goal
We are a coalition of more than 20 independent community organizations working together to achieve the specific goal of State level authorization for Speed Safety Cameras in Baltimore County residential areas.

  • Currently, state level government, not our county or our communities, make all decisions whether or not we can use Speed Safety Cameras. 

  • We believe the decision whether or not to have Speed Safety Cameras in our communities is a local community decision and should not be held hostage by our State government. The size and outreach of our coalition determines how strong a voice we have. Please have your organization join us in this effort!

Our Work
Our community organizations are working together to educate, coordinate, and advocate to our State Delegates and Senators and County Government for passage of Authorization. We use emails, phone calls, and meetings to accomplish this important work.

Next Steps After Passing Authorization
As in Montgomery and Prince George's counties, once our State Delegates and Senators pass our authorization, our County Government will then have the authority they need to partner with communities interested in Speed Safety Cameras.

People Gathering in a Meeting Together



The following groups and organizations make up just part of the large Coalition working jointly towards the goal of Authorizing Speed Safety Cameras for Baltimore County residential areas.  We are not funded by any party, lobbying group or outside organization.

If your organization would like to join our Coalition in our efforts to achieve this goal, please scroll down and send us a message expressing your organization's interest using the "Contact Us" form below.

• Greater Baltimore County Association, Inc.

• Lyons Manor Community Association, Inc.

• Southeast Baltimore County Council, Inc.

• Greater North Point Association, Inc.

• Chesapeake Bay Community Association, Inc.

• Boston Courts Community Association

• Lyonswood HOA

• Edmondson Heights Civic Association

• Pikesville Communities Corporation

• Gwynnvale Community Civic Association, Inc.

• Liberty Manor Community Association

• Stoneybrook Community Council Association

• The Graham Family

• The Rupkey Family of Glen Arm

• White Marsh-Cowenton Community Association

• Woodlawn Estates Community Association

• Woodmoor Community Association

• Greater Timonium Community Council Inc.

• Avalon East Community Association

• Merrymount Neighborhood Improvement Assn.

• Pikesville Township Association

• Pine Ridge Community Association

• Pot Spring Community Association

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