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We are a broad coalition of more than 20 community organizations in Baltimore County, Maryland, who are concerned about widespread speeding in our local areas. Our goal is for our State Delegates and Senators to pass a bill in the current 2024 legislative session to authorize our communities to consider using speed safety cameras in residential areas. We invite your community group to join our coalition in achieving this goal. Read more


Avg. daily traffic deaths in U.S. that involve speeding

(Source: NHTSA 2023)

Percentage of traffic deaths

involve speeding

(Source: NHTSA 2023)

Total speeding-related deaths in U.S. during 2021 alone

(Source: NHTSA 2023)

Better Speeding Enforcement =

Greater Driver Compliance

Fewer Accidents

Less Fatalities

= Safer Neighborhoods for All of Us

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